Wedding Parties Photo Ideas

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Parties Photo Ideas


 There’s no question that wedding party photos are one of the most challenging types of photos you’ll make at a wedding. Between making them fun, making sure that everyone is smiling, catch everyone’s eyes open, and show off the flowers, and watch the bride’s train, the flower girls, between so many other things.


Because the wedding party photos are such an important part of most wedding celebrations, a professional San Diego videographer is certainly needed and well worth it.


 One of the most important parts of wedding party photos is related to poses. A professional San Diego videographer should be able to reach a balance between allowing people to pose all by themselves and add a touch here and there.

 Ultimately, a San Diego videographer doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Here are some of the best photo ideas he can use:

 #1: Mix And Match:

 In a more traditional approach, a photographer would opt to pose all the dress-wearers on one side and all the suit-wearers on the other. However, mixing and matching is a great idea to gt a more interesting look.

 #2: Keep Them Moving:

 Most photographers prefer to take photos of people simply standing. However, if you make them move, you will get completely different (and better) photos to later remember.

 #3: Pose With Stairs:

 In case there are stairs at the wedding party, a San Diego videographer can certainly use them but in a different way as well. Instead of having everyone united at the top or middle of the stairs, you can certainly shoot down the stairs especially when you are working in a small place.

 #4: Why Not Shoot Seating?

 Most photos you see from wedding parties include the couple and guests standing. However, this doesn’t need to be always the case. In fact, you can easily add a bench, a cute sofa, or simply some folding chairs outside and took amazing photos.

 #5: Know The Power Poses:

 A professional San Diego videographer shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate different angles and movements into the images. After all, it’s not uncommon to pose guys in more powerful stances with a lower camera angle.

 For example, photographing someone from a low angle makes them appear large and looming – thus, more powerful. This is a strong pose, well-suited to any confident wedding party.

 #6: Cheek To Cheek Photos:

 When you are looking to shoot the bride and bridesmaids, a good San Diego videographer wants to make sure that he focuses on their smiling faces for a sweet, simple portrait. You can, for example, have the bridesmaids cuddle in close and show off their pretty florals. You can also consider photographing from above for a look that’s more focused on the faces. To show off the wedding party’s wardrobe, use a longer lens and photograph at a less dramatic angle.