The Do’s And Don’ts for Couple Photography

The Do’s And Don’ts for Couple Photography – Gala Parker Photography San Diego

Couple photographs are a window to the past. They take you back in time and help you in reliving those tender moments that you have once enjoyed with your better half. This is why it is important to score perfect clicks when you are posing for couple pictures.

Now, in order to ensure that it happens here, we have compiled a list of some do’s and don’ts that you need to take care of while posing for couple photography. Here is the list.

  • Don’t go with the nose/forehead smash

Now I agree with you that a nose or forehead smash looks cute. But the thing is when we are capturing this in the lens, instead of the cuteness, the messiness and the restrictedness of the smash gets highlighted.

Hence in order to get the right-click, make sure to get some space in there too so it looks good. Lightly touch the forehead of your partner while making sure that there is ample space. This will give your picture a romantic lovey-dovey vibe while still maintaining that nothing looks awkward or forced.

  • Do capture the magical kiss

Now some people maintain that capturing the kiss while it is occurring is hot and romantic. But if you ask us, we believe that the moment right before the kiss, the one where the lips are just about to meet is a better turn-on and a perfect candidate for that frame which is hanging on your main wall!

  • Don’t go for the piggyback

Now believe us because we have seen it many times, piggybacks rarely look cute when you are seeing them in pictures. Plus, there is just no way to do it in a dress without making the pose super-awkward.

Hence, it is better to just say no to it. Instead, go for a pose where he is sitting on the sofa while you are standing at his back. This way you will capture the closeness and the intimacy of your relationship in the picture without looking super-clumsy.

  • Don’t try to match-up

During a couple photographs do not try to do the matchy-matchy thing, because it looks weird in frames. Instead select different colors that follow a theme, like maybe pastel colors or go for contrastingly colored outfits.

Tip: Make sure to choose your colors wisely. Go for something that highlights your eye and hair color and is complementary to your individual complexions.

  • Don’t opt for the pregnancy pose

Now if you are not doing a maternity photoshoot (which we are sure you aren’t because it is couple photography), then do not go for the pose where both your hands are on her stomach. Avoid it, completely. Instead, opt for a sexy back snuggle or an adorable forehead kiss pose.

  • Don’t do the straight-side show

Do not go for a pose in your couple photography where one of you is standing looking directly at the camera while the other one is giving his side pose. They don’t look as good as you think. Instead, work on some angles and try something else. Maybe you can both give a side glance where you are gazing at something that is at a distance or you can both look at each other lovingly.

So, these are some do’s and don’ts of the couple photography. Follow them, and everything should turn out just fine!