Shooting Birthday Parties

Best 6 Tips For Shooting Birthday Parties


Birthday parties aren’t only for kids. While most parents tend to neglect their own birthday parties when they become parents, more and more people are looking to celebrate this special occasion.

In case you are organizing your birthday party, then you want to ensure that you hire a good San Diego photographer. After all, you will want to remember your party in a few years.


The truth is that most people tend to ask a friend to take some photos during the party. While this is ok and might do for some, hiring a professional San Diego photographer will deliver a better experience. Between photographing your guests to the dining tables, the gifts you get, your birthday cake, among many others, you will get good memories.


#1: Build A Narrative With Candid Photos:

Candid photos are a great way to tell the story behind a birthday party. A San Diego photographer usually uses these as the moments appear. No matter if it’s when the guests arrive, kids laughing, when you cut the cake or any unique moment.


#2: Don’t Forget The Traditional Must-Have Photos:

While a San Diego photographer will use his own perspective to take the best photos of a birthday party, he won’t forget to take all those traditional must-have shots. Things like blowing the candles, hitting the piñata, or opening gifts are all typical big moments that would need to be captured.


#3: Use The Right Light:

Depending on where the birthday party is held, a San Diego photographer may use natural light or he may need to turn to flash. It’s always important to consider that when using flash, you want to diffuse as much as possible to avoid harsh shadows and bright spots.


#4: Use Different Perspectives To Make Photos More Interesting:

One of the main differences between hiring a professional San Diego photographer and simply ask a friend or family member to take photos of your birthday party is that the first one uses different perspectives.

Ultimately, changing perspective is a great way to add interest and get the viewer into the action. For example, if you’re photographing a table with food or a pile of gifts, consider shooting from above for a different take.


#5: Take Group Photos:

At any birthday party, the guests are incredibly important. After all, you want to ensure that you know exactly who attended. While a San Diego photographer will certainly take different photos of everyone attending, he will also consider taking a group photo.

Usually, the best time to take this kind of photo is well after guests arrive, but before blowing out the candle. This will help ensure that all the people you need for the birthday photos are present and it’ll give people a chance to get comfortable after chatting a bit.


#6: Close-Ups To Capture Unique Expressions:

While getting groups of people in each shot can be fun, getting in close can make the viewer feel like they’re right there with them.

You can also use a zoom lens to capture a chat between guests to show people connecting at the event.