Pricing Information

Basic Package (up to 5 people)

$ 250
  • 1 Hour of Coverage
  • 100-150 images
  • Personal online gallery of high resolution images

Extended package

$ 400
  • 2 Hours of Coverage
  • 150-200 images
  • Personal online gallery of high resolution images

Family Film

$ 350
  • 1 hour of coverage
  • 1-2 minute film
  • Film posted online to share Download of film
If you don’t see a package that is right for you, please still contact me! I am are more than happy to create a custom package to fit your specific needs.
At Gala Parker Photography, we understand unique and specific needs and budgetary concerns of every client who contact us for more information about our services. No one wants to spend more than they have to get professional-quality work. However, the latest equipment, expert skill, and artistic flair does require appropriate compensation.
When it comes to figuring out prices for a particular photograph, session, or video project, we look very carefully at a particular client’s needs and interests. It is impossible to quote a flat price for a particular situation in most cases. After all, every engagement, wedding, family photo, or event video has different amounts of people, elements to consider, locations and lighting issues, and more.

We Work With You to Determine the Best Price

Although we at Gala Parker Photography cannot print prices right on this page that pertain to every individual or family, we are always available to give information about our policies and potential pricing factors. We are available regularly to answer your questions and make an appointment so that we can discuss your unique needs and desires.
Our goals include so much more than minimizing costs. We focus on client satisfaction and delivering the highest quality photographs and videos typically designed for you. However, we never try strong arm tactics to convince you to pay for more than what you truly want. We understand budgetary concerns and work within them.
For more information on our transparent pricing strategies or to make an appointment to discuss your particular photography or videography needs, please contact Gala Parker Photography in San Diego during business hours. Our goal is your satisfaction. With our combined creative skill, expertise when it comes to taking pictures and videos, professional equipment, and on-location surface, we are confident that you will be satisfied with everything we offer at transparent pricing.