Portrait Photography Tips That You Should Follow

Portrait photographs are said to capture the personality of an individual

They are clicked in a manner such that the colors of the picture depict the colors of a person. But as interesting as it may sound, to click a good portrait photograph is not an easy task. So, in this article, we will share with you some tips that you can use if you are a fan of portrait photography. So, here you go!

Background matters

Even if you are an amateur photographer you would know that while taking a picture, the background matters. And in case, of a portrait photograph, the background matters even more because you do not want the background to hold more interest than the subject. Hence the choice of background is critical. So for this, what you want to do is to choose a neutral and uncluttered background. If you want to be more creative then maybe you can add little props in the background like a ship for a fisherman, or painting while clicking an artist.

Pose your subject

After deciding on the background, pay attention to how you want to pose your subject. Try different angles and different poses until you are satisfied with the end result. You may also choose to experiment with the subject like sitting her down or clicking her from an unusual angle (maybe too high or too low) to get good but different end results.


For a perfect picture, perfect lighting is a necessity. If you are clicking indoors then you can use lighting tools to lit your subject, however, if you are clicking photographs outdoors then maybe you would want to use the natural sunlight. Now while using sunlight make sure to not stand your subject in the direct sun because that will create strong shadows. Instead, you can either use a slightly overcast sun or you can stand your subject with his back to the sun to get better effects. Bonus tip? Use fill light to capture the shadows on your subject’s face while clicking pictures in the sun.

Blur the background

If you want to click your subject from a close distance then maybe you would like to blur the background. You can do this by clicking from a shallow depth of field which can be controlled by adjusting the lens aperture. This will help you in placing your subject in a sharp focus in the photograph while making the background out of focus. This way your portrait subject will stand out.

Focus on the eyes

Portrait photographs look best when they focus deeply on the subject’s eyes. This is because when that happens then a strong sense of eye contact forms between the subject and the viewer. This gives an intensity to the picture.

Expose the subject’s face

This basically means how dark or lit the image is. Now since in the portrait photograph the face is the most important part of the scene hence it makes sense that it should be exposed. For this, you can adjust the exposure compensation (EV) setting of your camera.

So, these are some tips for you that you can use the next time you are clicking your subject on the road, in the park or in your room.