Photographing Company Events

5 Must-Have Shots When Photographing Company Events


When you are looking for a professional photographer and videographer in San Diego to record all the moments of a company event, you want to make sure that he understands what you need.

While company events can be completely different from one to the other, most include speakers and some time for the attendants to meet each other and share their ideas. With this in mind, a photographer and videographer in San Diego should take a wide range of photos. However, there are some that are considered must-have shots.


#1: VIPs Posed Photos:


All company events include their own VIPs. So, you can be sure that a professional photographer and videographer in San Diego will take the time to take their photos.

While larger events will usually have recognizable local or national celebrities as their designated VIPs, smaller events may have harder to recognize internal executives as their VIPs. No matter what, it’s important to check with your client ahead of time to get a list of their VIPs in attendance, and ideally someone on-site who will help you identify them.


#2: Posed And Action Photos Of Speakers:


As we mentioned, most company events will include at least one speaker. So, it is important that the photographer can arrange posed shots both alone and posed with VIPs. Besides, don’t forget to get plenty of shots of the speaker, from a variety of angles, giving his or her speech.


#3: Candid Photos Of VIPs And Speakers:


Candid photos are also a part of the photographer and videographer in San Diego’s work. Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to get candid shots of them interacting with each other, or event attendees.

Depending on the nature of the company event, these opportunities could include book signings, meet and greets in the green room, or an organized step-and-repeat photo booth.


#4: Posed Photos Of Attendees:


The truth is that most attendees will tend to look at their best in the company event. So, a good photographer and videographer in San Diego should aim to approach them to ask for a posed photo.

Notice that some attendees may not want to take photos and this is perfectly ok.


#5: Attendees Interacting:


Another must-have photo that a professional photographer and videographer in San Diego shouldn’t miss ar candid photos of attendees interacting.

If you think about it, there are two main reasons why most company events are held: to give speakers chances to educate and address an audience and to allow for networking among attendees.


This means that a good photographer should always look for attendees chatting or interacting with each other, and get their reactions while they are listening to keynote speakers. Ideally, make sure these shots incorporate some form of your client’s branding materials, such as a brochure or sign, to give the photos some context.