Las Vegas Photographer 

  Gala Parker Photography does business out of San Diego, California. We offer photo and video services to this great city and the surrounding area. However, we are pleased to also offer on-location photography in Las Vegas, Nevada. We understand that many people from this area travel to that bustling city for special events like engagements, weddings, and family reunions. When you get the best photographer Las Vegas offers, you might have to look a little farther afield at first.   Nearly 43 million people travel to Las Vegas every year, and 300 weddings are performed in that city every single day. Whether you are a resident or a tourist who has traveled there from any other part of the country, you need a photographer or videographer to record and capture the excitement and romance of your time there.  

Las Vegas Weddings Top the List For Excitement

  There is something simply iconic about getting married in Las Vegas that many people focus on when it comes to their special day. With all the glitz, glamour, and sheer romance of the location, you never want to forget everything that goes on from morning until night. Whether you eloped with your special someone or have the whole family flying in, you need skilled professionals on hand to get the best shots to add to your scrapbook.   A photographer in Las Vegas can capture not only you and your loved one celebrating the special event but also your family and friends having the time of their life. They can follow or guide you through the city to the most spectacular locations and set up photo opportunities you will never forget. With the Gala Parker Photography experience in this city of entertainment an opportunity, you can enjoy getting the best pictures in front of the best backdrops you can imagine.  

Photographer or Videographer – You Decide

  A picture may be worth 1000 words, but a video may be worth 1 million. Even though the Gala Parker Photography company is based in San Diego, California, we are ready and willing to head out to Las Vegas with all our photography or videography gear for your special day. You get the same great service that you would expect from a local job in whatever location we service.   The versatility that comes from a photography and videography studio that operates in two major cities in the western part of the United States makes it possible for you to get a full-service package wherever you intend to go. We always strive to deliver the best options for our clients. It does not matter if you intend to pop the question in front of the Bellagio or want an intimate wedding photo session at Sunset Cliffs by the Pacific Ocean.   The Gala Parker Photography Studio offers the flexibility, artistry, and reliability to deliver your dream in photo or video format. Do not settle for anything less than professional treatment. No matter what the event or special occasion, our Las Vegas photography and videography services are available to serve you.