How To Use Your DSLR More In Everyday Life?

How To Use Your DSLR More In Everyday Life?

As professional photographers, all of us own our DSLRs but for some incomprehensible reason we end up using it only for our professional work. But in our daily lives whenever we catch something breathtakingly beautiful either we decide to let it go or we just simply capture it on our smartphones. But why not on our DSLR? Well, the reasons can be many like not having the right light in your home or because you are too lazy to get the camera out of your bag, so, today we will offer you some tips that will inspire you to actually use your DSLR more in daily life. Here you go!

  • Choose the right lens

When you want to capture a moment whether you are at home or just passing by a beautiful sunset, it is of great significance that you use the right lens to snap it. This will reduce your dependency upon other factors like light, for getting perfect snaps.

Now while deciding on a lens try to select one that allows a lot of light in, one that has wider apertures and which focuses on things very quickly so that they can be captured before the moment passes. If you will do it then you will feel more inspired to click moments around you.

  • Identify spots with good light

The next tip is to know your house and to learn about those spots that have good light. So for this, take a tour of your house and notice the good and the bad spots. See what are those places where the light filters in abundance and which are the ones that don’t make for a good background. Also, pay attention to what hours are the best for clicking pictures. All this information will help you in knowing when and where you should use your camera and this will motivate you to use it more in real life.

  • Find a place for your camera

Now many times the Photographers San Diego fail to catch some scenic moments on camera because they do not have it on them all the time. The usual thinking is that we can get the camera out when we will need it, but this is your number one mistake.

This is because a lot of times there are simple moments, like when your child is playing, or when your son is helping his dad fix something, that are endearing and would make for some good shots, but because you do not have your camera out you are just too lazy to click them and hence you lose on some beautiful memories. So, remember to find a place for your camera from where you can grab it quickly.

  • Keep your images separate

Remember to keep your professional photographs and your family photographs in separate cards and hard drives as a Professional Photographer San Diego. So when you are at home your camera should have a card that you use only for clicking personal pictures, while as soon as you reach your destination for a professional photoshoot you should switch your card. This will keep things managed and smooth, which in turn will inspire you to use your camera more.