Guide To Wedding Day Etiquette For Wedding Photographers San Diego

Guide To Wedding Day Etiquette For Wedding Photographers San Diego

A wedding photographer juggles many responsibilities. While on the surface it may seem like his only role is to get some good snaps, if you will look deeper you will realize that his responsibilities go beyond that. His roles include displaying the best interpersonal skills while clicking pictures, capturing every ‘posed’ and ‘un-posed’ movement, communicating and coordinating with other teams like decorators and caterers, etc.

But how can a wedding photographer in San Diego smoothly manage all these roles? What can be done to ensure that the wedding day ends with no chaos on your part? Well, the answer is by following, good wedding day etiquettes. Interested in knowing what they are? Well, then read further!

  • Dress professionally for the big day

As a wedding photographer San Diego, you should reach the venue dressed in something professional but also comfortable. Men should go for a shirt and slacks in deeper hues, while women should opt for a blouse and slacks/skirt, again in darker shades. Also, you should remember to never choose an outfit that upstages anything worn by the couple. But if you are still confused about your outfit because you know nothing about the couple’s norm and culture then maybe you should consult the clients on the dress code. They might help you in coming up with something that is fit for the occasion.

  • Reach the venue early

As a professional photographer, you should not just reach the venue on time, but you should reach there early. This will save your clients from experiencing anxiety, about whether or not their photographer will reach before the ceremony begins. Also, reaching early will help you in capturing the pre-ceremony shots like first looks, or getting ready moments. If you will be before time then you won’t need to rush things out and your clients will truly appreciate that! Also, after getting your clicks make sure to leave the couple alone for 30 minutes before the processions begin. This will aid in settling nerves.

  • Respect photography rules of the venue

As a wedding photographer San Diego, it is your responsibility to enquire in advance about the photography rules of the venue. And then you need to use your problem-solving skills to work around these guidelines, all with a smiling face. So, for example, if the venue is a Church and photographers are not allowed near the alter then maybe you can get some chapel shots before or after the ceremony, if flash photography is against rules then maybe you can click your snaps in the wee hours of the morning!

  • Let the guests get some snaps too

Weddings are happy processions and hence you should be spreading happiness too. So, when you are at a wedding you should not ask your guests to put their phones inside because their smartphones cannot anyway compete with your DSLR clicks. Instead, you should give them the space to do their thing too, after all, it’s not every day, they get to see their best friend getting married. So if they want to capture some memories for themselves, then give them a chance to do so!

So, these are some important wedding etiquettes that you should follow as a wedding photographer in San Diego. And remember to keep your smile intact!