Essential Tips for Beginners

Essential Tips for Beginners – Gala Parker Photography

Photography today is not as difficult of a job as it used to be some years before. This is mainly because now gone are the days of needing portable darkrooms or waiting for hours to click a single photograph like it was back in the 1900s. Instead, today with the high pixel phone cameras, the blooming photographers can start snapping pictures any time they like.

With the technical barriers down, the photographers have now so much freedom and so many opportunities available to them to click unique and exceptionally good pictures. So, here we have compiled a list of few tips that photographers can use to improve their photography skills without many complications.

  • First, expose your focus, then frame your shot

A picture that is improperly focused or one that depicts its subject in a blurry state is a waste and can’t be used. However, one that is not rightly framed can still be saved. Hence, while clicking a picture it is important to expose the subject before setting the frame.

  • Focus on the eyes

Eyes are the focal point while connecting to any being. They are the first thing that you notice in a picture. Hence, while clicking a photograph it is important to nail the focus on the eyes. As long as the eyes are fine, the whole picture should turn out okay.

  • Always be prepared

As a photographer, you should always be prepared for the opportunity to click a picture. Most digital SLRs today have instantaneous startup time. You can also leave your camera on semi-auto or fully automatic modes when you are in a space where you are likely to get good shots. This will assist you in capturing your subject instantly before it flies or runs away.

  • Straighten the shot

While capturing a picture try to straighten your shots by looking into your camera’s viewfinder. This will help you in capturing the shot at the right angle. However, if you still fail to capture a straight photo then you can always correct it while editing.

  • Avoid clicking a blurry image

A photographer should try to avoid taking blurry photographs by avoiding camera shake. For this, increase your ISO and open up your aperture. This will increase your shutter speed and thus, reduce the chances of a blurry picture.

  • Keep both your eyes open

The movies usually depict a photographer clicking his subject with one eye closed. But if you ask us, our advice is to keep them both open. For one, it will help your subject to look into your eyes which will ease him some more and for two, it will help you in monitoring what is outside the frame and hence offer you better control.

  • Photograph what you love

Now the most important tip is to click what you love! Yes, focus on clicking the subject of your choice, be it animals, humans, pets, trees or mountains. This will keep you interested in photography and will help you in overcoming the obstacles without breaking a sweat.

So, these are some tips for blooming photographers that they can use in order to click improved and better pictures!