Engagement Parties Photography Tips

6 Overlooked Engagement Parties Photography Tips


Engagement parties are a great way to create widespread awareness of their upcoming wedding. They are one of the best ways to show the couple as they are as well as the love between them.

While some couples prefer to ask for a friend to take photos at their engagement party, the reality is that you should consider hiring a professional videographer San Diego. This way, you can be sure that all those special moments will be saved and you’ll be able to remember them in the future, as you grow older.

One of the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional videographer San Diego is that he will take not only the most traditional photos as also some different ones (or using different perspectives).


#1: Preview The Couple:

A good videographer San Diego will want to ensure that he gets to know a bit more about the couple before the engagement party. This will allow him to know what the coupe expect from him and the type of photos they are looking for. It will be then easier for the videographer San Diego to plan his work.


#2: Keep The Couple Connected:

One of the most important missions of a videographer San Diego is to ensure that the couple is always connected. While this shouldn’t be easier for them and they may be a bit nervous at first, a professional videographer San Diego will make the couple comfortable.


#3: Personal Photos Are A Must:

The main theme of photographing an engagement party is to show the love between the couple. So, having them demonstrate their love with hugs, kisses, holding hands, being playful, being silly, and others is everything you need.


#4: Use The “Burst Mode”:

It’s normal that the couple will be nervous at first. So, while they may think they are completely relaxed, they are actually stiffing poses for the camera. As time goes by, they should loosen up, smile, laugh, look at each other. Those are the moments you want to catch more than anything.


#5: The Location:

One of the most important aspects for a videographer San Diego is the location of the engagement party. After all, he should make sure that he visits the place earlier and see where he can take the best photos of both the couple and the guests as well. This will also allow him to see how the space is going to be divided so he can position any light he may need.


#6: Always Shoot In Raw:

One of the main differences between hiring a professional videographer San Diego or simply ask a friend to do this job is the quality that you get at the end.

Simply put, a videographer San Diego will always shoot in Raw which is especially important when shooting indoors. Shooting in RAW gives you the liberty of having a wider range of exposure adjustments during the editing process. Some may prefer one format over another, but on our engagement party photo shoots, we want to make sure we have the most options possible so we can come out with the best engagement pictures possible.